Yuanlin Performance Hall Refits with QSC

The Yuanlin Performance Hall lies in Changhua County, Taiwan, an area of the country famed for its literary culture and poetry. Last year, the sound systems at the venue were extensively refitted, incorporating several QSC PLX amplifiers and WideLine-10 line array loudspeaker elements with subwoofers for the first time. The new PA was installed by local dealer Reyn Yang Professional, with the guidance of the QSC distributor in Taiwan, Prosound.

Ben Su at Prosound explains how the installation came about. "At first, our client specified a different, domestic set of speakers for the installation. However, our appointed dealer Reyn Yang visited the hall several times, and utilised EASE to model the performance of WideLine versus the client’s original choice for this venue. After further evaluation, the client chose to install the QSC system."

A 12-element WL2102 system now provides audio in the main hall, supplemented with four WL118-sw subwoofers and driven by four PLX3102 amps and eight PLX3602s. An SC28 processor controls the overall system. "According to our clients, the performance of the system for both sound quality and control has been favourable," continues Ben Su,"and the feedback from users in the hall has been positive."

info: www.qsc.com

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