The Dalai Lama’s Words

The owners of Italian PA Company International Sound say the Dalai Lama congratulated them on the sound diffusion for his speech held last June 24 in Scanzano Jonico in the southern Italian province of Matera. The small town was delighted and honoured to host the visit of Tibetan Buddhism’s maximum spiritual authority, who was awarded the Nobel prize for Peace in 1989.

The event brought together a crowd of over 12,000 people who wanted to hear the Dalai Lama’s words…of hope and they naturally did not want to miss anything… not even a comma. That is why the contribution from International Sound, the musical equipment rental and production company appointed by the Basilicata Region to supply material and assistance for the important event, was a fundamental part of the event’s overall organization. Franco Firulli, of International Sound, immediately clarified why their choice was to use a K-array sound system: “It is an efficient, cutting-edge system with a unique size/weight/power ratio. And is extremely practical, I’d say plug and play: no need for special devices or settings and it works straight away… all fast and simple. We only needed two hours for the set-up”.

Seeing how large the audience was, the system had to cover a wide space of over 7.000 m2 entirely, except for the backstage area. So they installed two main systems in the front using, for obvious diffusion power and range reasons, the big items in the K-array catalogue, that is four KH4s (for high and medium frequencies) and six KS4s (subwoofers) per side. To complete coverage, they added two systems to the sides of the stage using two KS4s and one KH4.  Finally, they added two KR200Ss as front fill for those sitting in the front rows, facing the stage.

The system satisfied all requirements perfectly, providing uniform diffusion over the entire space, with maximum directivity (so as not to disturb anyone as the stage was in the open), and best understanding of words spoken. The Dalai Lama was able to spread his message of peace and spirituality to the best and “conquer”, as the Mayor of Scanzano said in his welcoming speech, honorary citizenship in the hearts of all Scanzano citizens.


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