K-array demos in Vegas

The American Infocomm Expo was held this year in Las Vegas from June 13th to June 15th . It is a "Must Attend Event" for professional AV companies that seek to promote their brand in North and South America, especially for Italian brands, considering the size of our country. For three years running, K-array and its exclusive American distributor SEC, Sennheiser Electronic Corporation once again caught the opportunity and went to Vegas.

Infocomm reached new attendance figures showing an increase of 4% compared to the figures of 2011, with 34,268 visitors from 90 countries. According to K-array, it was an excellent showcase for two reasons: the exhibit line-up with a booth set beside some of the most prestigious international brands, and its capability to attract a large number of professionals that wanted to experience first-hand or, even better, let them hear first hand, the quality that K-array has become known for.

In fact – explains  K-array’s product specialist, Francesco Maffei "For all those who work in the sector it may be easy to imagine how a 12-inch cone sounds because it is a product which we have been listening to for years, it is not as intuitive to imagine the performance of a 5 cm wide column". Consequently, it becomes essential to experience the features and potential of the different solutions offered by the Italian brand, even better if it is done through dedicated listening sessions. As a result, for the past two years K-array has been organizing demos for professional groups, one every hour, dedicating an ad hoc room to this activity.

All eyes were on Eric Reese, product specialist of Sennheiser Electronic Corporation, who presented targeted listening sessions with musicians endorsing Sennheiser and K-array products: from the smallest Lizard, Vyper and Piccolo to the most imposing KH4 and KO70 “a little wasted for indoor use”, points out Maffei, “but nevertheless we succeeded in having its potential appreciated” – passing through the renewed RedLine; the latter was also presented in the States with a new DSP and accessories which make it even more versatile for the installation sector.

“RedLine has always been a best seller for K-array. It was the market that asked us for this type of product: the installers also wanted a plug&play system for use in a medium sized context, which would instantly sound good, with on board cabling, well-stocked with assembly accessories and custom colours to quickly adapt to each condition of use”.

Piccolo, born with the new Home Line series, also instantly proved to be a savvy installation product, benefitting from the same logic which made the new release of the RedLine amazingly appreciated: it is an “out of the box” solution, so it provides everything that is required within the sales box and boasts all the features of a professional product like the KZ10 from which it took its inspiration.

The K-array room registered a full house for every demo session. An amazing accomplishment thanks to the cooperation of Sennheiser Electronic Corporation – K-array’s American distributor, to the ecodock handed out as a complimentary gift for visitors, but above all thanks to the interest raised by the K-array solutions and the all-Italian style. Small, elegant and… always exceeding expectations.

info: www.k-array.com

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