K-array’s Ability to Restore Energy

After 45 minutes of jumping, running, stretching and doing push-ups, just when you think it’s time to quit, when you’re feeling worn out and starting to run out of energy, do you wonder how you’ll find enough strength to finish the gym lesson? Your “torturer”, or trainer, will surely give you a help in this, and a strong and alluring background music will also be a plus.

After doing the same exercise time and time again, trying to improve your moves in vain as your dancing partner is just about to tell you you’re not good enough (leaving you alone on the dancing floor), what makes you try just once again and get it right? Your coach’s patient and energetic guidance is the correct answer!

It’s clear that an efficient sound distribution system is a crucial matter in a gym. This also applies to Singapore, where a new Pure Fitness – a chain of wellness and sports centres located in the Singapore and Hong Kong areas– is offering courses at all levels and for all tastes. This explains why the gym has even a boxing ring and large dance floors.

The previous sound distribution system has recently been replaced by a high-performance new K-array system. As Sennheiser Asia‘s Project Manager Herman Superman said, the main goals of these devices where to have a better integration of the speakers in the environment and to obtain an excellent quality sound and a perfect word intelligibility. The wide fitness areas produce strong reverberations due to the size and emptiness of the rooms, often surrounded by mirrored walls. K-array sound systems have solved this problem.

The new systems are made up of eight Kobra KK50s (compact systems with line array technology and 2” neodymium transducers) displayed in three areas and concealed with customized supports above a suspended ceiling. There are also two KJ50vb systems, installed in front of a raised stage area and used for boosting the sound. The low frequencies, particularly important in this kind of applications, are dealt by four active KL18MAs (18”, 2x1000W power), simply arranged on the floor. Finally, four KA10-10 amplifiers lead efficiently the entire system.

Next time you’re running out of energy as you draw near the end of your spinning session, lean on K-array!

info: www.k-array.com

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