Steinigke COB – Three Letters to Enlighten Frankfurt

Steinigke successfully kicked off a new trend on this year’s prolight+sound. COB, Chip On Board, that is the name of the new LED technology which introduces the future of high performance LEDs. More than 50 products have been presented in the Messe hall 11. This included PAR and ML spots, audience blinders or theater spots – the feedback was wholly positive.

One common light area
This really is an LED? A frequent question at the Steinigke stand. That is no surprise. After all, the COB modules’ output ability is unheard of for LEDs. COB modules not only provide an incredible power (up to more than 100 watts per chip), in the first instance they shine as single illuminant, as single area, like conventional illuminants.

Deep colors
In contrast to common LED spots with tricolor and quadcolor diodes, there are no apparent single color points or color shades. The reason for this effect lies within the chip itself. Numerous single LEDs are mounted to the chip at minimum distance. The chip’s size is varying. Steinigke uses chips with a width of up to 5 cm. Their height is low, just as flat as a cracker. Due to the closeness of the single elements the COB module gives the impression of a single light source. When it comes to colors, the illustrations are so deep and homogenous that comparisons with MSD lamps and such do not pose any problems at all. A fact that has not been true for LEDs until now.

Better heat dissipation

COB manufacturing is the latest generation of high-power LEDs. Beside the light surface it offers other benefits such as a better heat dissipation and a simplified control of the LED arrays or LED clusters. COB manufactured light sources offer 100 lumens per watt or more. Their high energy efficiency and their harmonic, even light emission spectrum make them perfect for professional use.
The technology as such is already used in other branches of the industry (street illumination etc.). With its 50 products Steinigke now paves the way for the use in the show technology.


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