RCF Reinforces the New Juventus Stadium

The brand new Juventus Stadium located in the “Continassa” area in Turin, Italy will be representing a turning point for football venues in Italy. The stadium has a capacity of 41,000 seats and 120 executive boxes and it will be the centre of a totally renewed area that also will include a large 34,000 m2 commercial mall, the first Juventus Museum, a parking area with 4,000 vehicle capacity and many other facilities.
Thanks to the new stadium the fans will have the possibility to enjoy a great new experience, hearing the players talking to each others, sitting comfortably on the new fancy seats offering a great view of the football pitch. The new Juventus Stadium is a major upgrade from the previous “Stadio Olimpico” and all the fans will be extremely satisfied.
The Juventus Stadium complex is equipped with the state of art equipment and latest technology. It is a very modern facility and all the audio solutions have been done with RCF products. The RCF commercial audio department has been involved in the project since the beginning and designed the total audio solution for the Stadium and for the other buildings in the complex.
Beside RCF Installed Sound and Commercial Audio products, special cluster design applications and other special products have been developed to fit perfectly into this major project.
“Being part of a large scaled installation and also get the possibility to be active in the process from the first drawings is important for a solution partner. This secure that you will end up with an optimal result. With the new Juventus Stadium installation we have added a nice reference that we can use for future stadium projects and to support our distributors and customers with equal projects”, says Antonio Ferrari, RCF Market Manager Audio Contractor.
For the Juventus Stadium installation project the RCF team worked on special cluster design (certified in terms of safety) to be installed per each section of the tribunes at the stadium. Each cluster contains 2 pcs of the RCF Acustica H1315WP, a three-way full range loudspeaker system that incorporate a 15” LF transducer, a 10” cone MF transducer and a 1.4” exit titanium compression driver. The WP version is weatherproof and especially designed to withstand exposure to weather without damage or loss of function to the speakers.
The tribune areas at the stadium are covered by a total of 88 pcs H1315WP (all installed in pairs). A few more cluster systems to cover the playground area are also installed. The audio installation also contains several subwoofers and power amplifiers.
For the RCF project department the Juventus Stadium have been a large scaled project a lot of documentation, acoustical simulation and measurement. A project that involved most of the team in the company. It has been a great challenge and RCF is really satisfied by the results.
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