New Cluster Application for RCF Acustica H1315

The new fly bar option is designed to hold 2 pcs H1315 in order to create a cluster function. With the cluster fly bar you can realize the perfect sound system for permanent in- and outdoor installation applications.

Recently these kinds of speakers/cluster combination have been installed in the new Torino Stadium, home of the well-known soccer team, Juventus.
The RCF ACUSTICA H1315 and H1315WP are three-way full range loudspeaker systems that incorporate a 15” LF transducer, a 10” cone MF transducer and a 1.4” exit titanium compression driver.
The difference between the two models is just relevant to the cabinet and components finishing, treatment and other details so to install the WP version in environments with high humidity or even outdoor. The speaker system is very compact and provides very high output and accurate voice and sound reproduction.
The LF driver, equipped with a 4” voice coil and a state of the art neodymium motor, is mounted in a vented enclosure with optimized front loading. The MF cone driver is a unique RCF sealed basket design and is loaded into a exponential, Baltic birch 60° x 40° midrange horn.
The 3” coil MF driver is acoustically equalized thanks to a unique RCF complex phase-plug design. The HF titanium compression driver is loaded on a constant directivity rotatable horn with a coverage of 60° x 40°.
The internal crossover network between midrange and compression driver offers a unique Compression Driver Protection thanks to an Active MOSFET Circuit. The system is driven in bi-amped mode, is able of producing a Max SPL higher than 136 dB and handles 900 Watts AES (LF) + 400 Watt AES (MF/HF).
The loudspeaker enclosure shape is multitrapezoidal and allows a double coupling angle each side. The cabinet of the H 1315 is constructed of multi-ply Baltic birch plywood and finished in very resistant, textured, polyurethane black paint. The H1315 WP cabinet is treated inside outside with polyurea black paint.
The cabinet includes 2 recessed handles for transportation and positioning and a total of six double M10 fixing points for flown applications and extensive internal metal bracing. The front steel grille is epoxy powder coated for H 1315 version and equipped with two layers of weather-resistant open-cell fibres and water repellent woven fabric backing for WP version. The transducer cones as well carry a special additional treatment to resist against critical environmental conditions.
While standard version uses a Speakon connector, the H 1315 WP is equipped with an IP 67 removable Amphenol terminal.
Main Features
  • Compact Arrayable 3-way System
  • Fully Horn-loaded LF/MF/HF (60° x 40° directivity)
  • Fully equipped with Neodymium Transducers
  • Bi-amp system (passive crossover MF/HF included)
  • Active Mosfet Compression Driver Protection
  • Rotable HF Horn
  • Recessed handles
  • Permanent Installations
  • Sound Reinforcement in medium to large spaces
  • AV Presentations
  • Flown Clusters
  • Club Systems
  • Main PA in mid to large-size systems
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