ZioGiorgio.ru Is Born

Russia has always fascinated “us Western Europeans”. Many leaders in history tried to conquer that land so far away but so promising. Roman Emperors hundreds of years ago, Napoleon in the Nineteenth century, Italians and Germans just a few decades ago: they all failed.

Today, fortunately, we are no longer obsessed by “conquering thoughts”, but we can see the potentials of a country, and its population, growing steadily and opening to new ways of life, where entertainment can play a fundamental role.

This fact is proven by the decision of NAMM and ProLight+Sound to join forces and launch a new trade-fair in Russia, showing that we can “reverse the roles” played by our “predecessors”: instead of going to Russia to take everything for us own, we bring services to facilitate the developing of a country that will re-pay us by giving us access to a potentially enormous market.

Here at ZioGiorgio we strongly believe in this potential, that’s why we want to be “on the front line” in the discovery of this “new frontier” of the professional entertainment sector.

“The birth of the new portal represents an extraordinary professional growth for all of us" says Aldo Chiappini, ZioGiorgio’s Editor-in-Chief. "A Russian editorial office that can daily work with the most important realities of the entertainment business in that specific area will bring us new knowledge, up-to-date news, and will increment the “catchment area” of our readers who, we can now say that, can be found all over the world".

"I was very pleased when I was offered an opportunity to start a collaboration with ZioGiorgio,says Anastasia Klinushkina, ZioGiorgio.ru Editor, "first of all because I’d followed the network for some years as a reader. I am enthusiastic about it, it’s a great chance for me to reapproach some interesting arguments and, of course, to spread the news of the entertainment world among russian-speaking professionals."

info: www.ziogiorgio.ru

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