RG Jones Provides K-Array at Natural History Museum

K-Array’s Redline Series was thoroughly put to the test during November. Featuring X-Factor winner Leona Lewis and British/Irish pop band, The Wanted, the launch of the XBox 360 Kinect was held at the Natural History Museum’s temporary ice rink and the K-Array cabinets had a very chilly time…

“RG Jones Sound Engineering has been supplying the system for the Natural History ice rink for a number of years now. It requires a complex mix of voice announcements and playback with the ability to override all zones for emergency announcements,” explains Matt Sussex, in charge of the event for RG Jones. “The tricky part is working to very strict level restrictions. The compact, efficient, portable Redline system was a great solution for the specific requirements of the day.”

“Four KR200s, each with a single 18 inch KL18ma self-powered subwoofer, plus an addition pair of KL18ma subs, were distributed around the edge of the ice rink to ensure full coverage of the area,” explains Dave Wooster, live sound specialist for Sennheiser UK (distributor of K-Array in the UK) and Front of House engineer for Leona on the day.

“The weather conditions certainly weren’t ideal, with low temperatures and pretty much continual rain,” he recalls. “The system not only had to cope with that, but it sat on the ice itself for over 24 hours. The fact that it performed perfectly and without a single failure of any kind is a real testament to its robustness and overall quality.”

"The launch of the XBox Kinect was a unique event that required a large amount of PA coverage with very little space to place speakers,” adds Matt Sussex, “We used the KArray double top boxes with 18" subs and it worked brilliantly; the coverage was even and the sound was great. Our client was very happy with these discrete and incredibly smart small format stacks."

info: www.k-array.net
info: www.sennheiser.co.uk
info: www.rgjones.co.uk

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