Link introduces the first DanteTM enabled Stage Box

Audinate’s Dante™ solution provides a self-configuring, plug-and-play digital audio network that uses standard Internet Protocols. Dante™ is a scalable solution that works on both 100Mbits and 1Gigabit Ethernet and coupled with Link’s unique hybrid approach, offers the end user a distribution system that will improve audio quality and simplify setup. 

“The addition of DanteTM significantly enhances the audio transport capabilities of our system while making it more flexible,” . stated Marco Piromalli, President of Link.  “And we’ve come to recognize the many benefits Dante™ has to offer the marketplace”.

DGlinkTM; is the first multi-protocol enabled modular digital snake system.  The DGlinkTM digital audio distribution system leverages a long lineage of eurocableTM analogue/digital cables, LK connectorsTM, and digital circuitry (all manufactured by Link) which provides a modular, touring grade, digital distribution system that is compatible with the architecture of traditional stage boxes.  DGlinkTM is specifically designed for live applications that require the integration and distribution of Analogue, AES-EBU, and Ethernet based protocols.

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