K-array help Strawberries grow!

Modern Sky’s Strawberry Festival held in Beijing came back bigger and better this year. The annual event held by the Beijing MIDI School of music has being going from strength to strength ever since its inception in 2004. 

Modern Sky is one of China’s most successful and pioneering independent music labels. They have, over the course of over 10 years, built a portfolio of some of the most influential, original and popular Chinese indie bands. The Strawberry Festival is an assembly of many of Modern Sky’s own bands, plus a number of international music acts.

Dubbed China’s Woodstock, this year’s festival has been moved to Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province to accommodate its much larger size, with a massive 111,000 m2, spread over six stages the largest being the Strawberry and Love stages.

Over 60 artists from the mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, USA and Europe played to an estimated 90,000 people over the three-day event.

K-Array played an important role in the festival this year with the help of Sennheiser K-Array’s global sales partner who supplied their popular G3 and 2000 radio mic systems.

KH4 and KS4 systems were used, because of their immense power delivery (as high as 145dB) only three KH4 each side were needed. They were flown at about a height of seven meters with the six KS4 subs being at ground level.

Mr. Tony from the rental company in charge of the love stage comments:
 “It would normally take us a whole day to load in and setup the PA system. when you think about those conventional heavy boxes each weighting over 100 kilo, you will understand how difficult it is to load them into a truck, unload on site and hand carry them, a minimum of four people are needed to move them into position, and align them. But with the K-array panels, even with a 4000 Kw amplifier integrated weighing in at 47 Kg, a two man team can easily hand carry it into position.

The system setup was quick as a snap, just 2 hours, everything is done. And the soundwas fabulous. The mid high band is crystal clear the subwooffer panels act quick and tight and with unbeliveable punch. Every one is shocked on site when we played the first track from the system. We found ourselves a hard time to believe such powerful sound like a beast can be released”

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