New moving heads from Futurelight

While the baton in the field of washlights has been almost entirely passed on to LED technology, a heated debate is being carried out between light diode and metal halide lamp on the spots front. This is mirrored at Futurelight with two novelties, the DMH-1 and the PHS-280.

With the Futurelight PHS-280, a product line is being continued which has proved extremely successful over the last ten years with the PHS-250 and the PHS-260. Moving heads in the 250 Watt category are particularly popular for employment on small to mid-sized stages. Robustness is an essential characteristic here, in order to defy the daily hard Rock’n’Roll routine. This was ascertained by the trade press (Soundcheck, issue 03/2010) for the Futurelight PHS-280. The spotlight thereby demonstrates, that even in the domain of discharge lamps, astounding developments are still possible.
It differs from its predecessors particularly through a higher speed, a more clearly arranged LC-display, a lockable head, as well as the software update facility via an external upload-box. Facilities such as prism, stepless frost-filter, as well as static and rotating gobos remain unchanged. Further creative possibilities are possible with the new iris.

The Futurelight PHS-280 occupies a total of 16 DMX channels. These allow control of the 16 bit movement, the color wheel, the two gobo wheels as well as the prism, the iris, the frost, the shutter and much more. A wash-alternative with CMY color mixing and motorized zoom is also available as Futurelight PHS-280.

The in-house rival is the Futurelight DMH-1, a spotlight with a 20-Watt LED from Osram Opto Semiconductors, having an optical efficiency of 65 lumen pro Watt and a color temperature of 6500 Kelvin.
Designed as a „basis-model“, the Futurelight DMH-1 features seven dichroitic color filters plus a UV-filter as well as seven rotating gobos, and occupies a total of 11 DMX-channels. The Futurelight DMH-2 will soon augment the sortiment. It has been upgraded with a motorized focus, a rotatable prism wheel with three facets, as well as numerous macro functions and occupies 14 DMX-channels.

Even if the PHS-280 is somewhat brighter than the DMH-1, both spotlights are by all means justified. Whereas the conventional spot, by virtue of its power. is more at home on stages, the LED representative displays its advantages especially well in discos and clubs.

An interesting fight will continue to remain between the two illuminants – at any rate, Futurelight has opened the next round with its two novelties.
Whether it be high quality moving-heads or precise scanners, colorful LED-systems or inspiring effect projectors: Futurelight has represented perfect illumination for more than 15 years. Yet, dependable performance through state-of-the-art technology for stylish architectural or effect-full entertainment illumination is only the beginning. If it should be a bit more than the normal standard, Futurelight can help with that special something.

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