Clay Paky at the Okaz Creative Advertising Awards

An arsenal of Clay Paky fixtures kept pace with lasers and LED screens at the first Okaz Creative Advertising Awards (OCAA) last month. The ceremony and following celebration took place on October 20th at the Jeddah Helton to a packed house of Saudi dignitaries, celebrities and other VIPs.

The OCAA acknowledges and rewards outstanding creative work in all facets of advertising designed for the Saudi Arabian market. The awards are broken down into ten categories, which include all areas from print, TV, and radio to internet and even freelance talent. A jury of seven judges recognized as experts in their respective fields decide on the winners.

3rd Dimension Eventech of Jeddah/Saudi Arabia supplied all lighting, sound, filming, pyrotechnics, special effects and panorama screen video projections for this prestigious event. The lighting rig carried an impressive eyeful of Clay Paky gear, including 16 Alpha Spot Easy 1200, 8 Alpha Spot 575, 12 Alpha Spot HPE 700, 2 Alpha Profile 1200, and 6 Alpha Beam 300 fixtures. A 14 x 4.5-metre panorama screen was placed centre stage, flanked by two 3 x 4 metre LED screens for video and laser effects, provided by two green 8W DPSS lasers, one 6W DPSS colour laser for graphics, and one 14W colour DPSS for centre beam effects, all using Pangolin software.

The Clay Paky fixtures were positioned both above the presentation area and at stage level behind the screens to enhance the laser show and video displays. The Alpha Beam 300 fixtures on the stage were actually bright enough to compete with the lasers when pointing out to the audience. 3rd Dimension Eventech employed a creative mix of colour, movement and even bouncing beams to augment the other exciting effects.

Abdulwahab Baghdadi, Managing Director of 3rd Dimension Eventech explained, “It was a big challenge for us to build up all of the necessary equipment and program it in less than 30 hours. The Jeddah Helton hall is one of biggest ballrooms in Saudi – approximately 60-by-60 metres in size and a ten metre high ceiling. We used 24 rigging points to have all equipment flying to the ceiling!”

He adds, “The Alpha series from Clay Paky is outstanding. They’re bright, lightweight and extremely reliable. They made this show both easy and quite stunning.”

Alberico D’Amato, Clay Paky Area Sales Manager for the UAE and Middle East says, “3rd Dimension Eventech is a very inventive company, doing some incredibly creative shows. We’re proud to be present in their shows and look forward to many more exciting things in the future.”

A video of the OCAA Opening is available on You Tube.

Photos courtesy of 3rd Dimension Eventech.
You Tube video produced by Laser Team Professional Shows.

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