Riedel Rocknet goes classic

The equipment provider Backstage used a comprehensive RockNet installation to digitally distribute the audio signals at this year’s Vienna Philharmonic summer night concert in the gardens of Schönbrunn palace. Around 80,000 spectators were present at the breathtaking concert, conducted by Daniel Barenboim.

The main task at this event was to reliably distribute all audio signals within the 920 ft x 590 ft (280m x 180m) event area. The FOH, 48 microphone inputs, PA and 3 delay towers needed to be integrated into a single network.

Backstage decided to choose a RockNet solution for this event. RockNet is a real-time audio network, which connects up to 99 devices and is designed for tour and event installations. It works similarly to a regular analog audio installation and transmits up to 160 channels at 24bit/48kHz on a CAT5 ring. RockNet’s ring topology provides maximum reliability and protects the network against single-points-of-failure.
”RockNet played a major role in the evening’s success. The whole audio network was quickly and easily installed; it worked immediately without any problems. Routing between points of the network was extremely simple and clear. The audio quality was brilliant – a crucial factor, especially at classical music events like these,” said Ronny Wittenberg, the audio designer of the biggest classical music concert in Europe.

Six RockNet RN.301.MI input and two RN.302.LO output modules on stage provided 48 microphone inputs and monitor outputs. A digital Yamaha PM5D mixing console was used as a submixer backstage. Its five groups were sent to the FOH via RockNet’s CAT5 ring. Two additional Yamaha consoles were used at the FOH and distributed the signals to the speaker systems. The RockNet MY.334.MY expansion cards for digital Yamaha mixing consoles seamlessly integrated the consoles into the audio network. The independent gain function enabled remote control of every microphone pre-amp through the mixing consoles.

RN.302.LO line out modules integrated the speakers into the RockNet audio network. RN.362.IR inline-repeaters bridged larger distances between the devices. They increased the maximum distance between two RockNet modules to 980 ft. (300 m).

Further information: www.riedel.net


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