Summersplash with Riedel Communications

13,000 Austrian high school graduates celebrated their graduation at Summersplash on the Turkish Riviera. This mega event combined parties and concerts all day long for three consecutive weeks. The organizer chose a comprehensive radio installation from Riedel Communications to provide the communications infrastructure. Riedel, a specialist for intercom, radio and fiber solutions installed a digital radio network with four digital Motorola Mototrbo repeaters, additional radio systems and an FM radio transmitter.

The event, organized by Splashline Event und Vermarktungs GmbH, included a hotel area, a small island and a party boat. All locations needed to be covered with a digital radio network. One of the major tasks was providing indoor connectivity on the network to ensure maximum safety for the event.

Three Mototrbo repeaters provided comprehensive coverage of the party area. Over 220 people were connected over the network. Mototrbo’s digital audio quality provides a better quality of speech transmission as well as less noise and interference over longer distances than regular analog radios. Furthermore, the integrated GPS technology allows users to be located quickly, a great advantage compared to analog radio solutions.
A fourth Mototrbo repeater was located at the company’s headquarters in Vienna. It was connected over the internet to the other repeaters in Turkey.

The repeater was used to monitor the installation via software and to provide support over radio. Future events will use this repeater to integrate the company’s entire headquarters into the radio network at the event. This will significantly reduce phone costs and streamline the organization of events.

Besides the Mototrbo repeaters, additional Motorola radio networks were used to bring the technicians, musicians, press and the VIP-assistance team into the communications infrastructure.
"The Mototrbo digital radio solution was ideal for our demands. At such large events with lots of young people, it’s especially important to provide reliable coverage of the event area. Additional functions such as GPS location were extremely helpful in case of an emergency," said Andreas Wernig, project manager at the IXXALP agency.

MAX headsets that were especially designed for Mototrbo were used during the concerts. Their closed casing provided enough shielding to guarantee good communication in noisy environments like concerts or parties.

Furthermore, Riedel provided an FM transmitter, which was used to broadcast a locally produced radio program that was available in the party area and hotels of Summersplash. In addition, Riedel was responsible for a TV feed that could be received at the hotels and that was especially produced for this event.



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