New firmware Rocknet available for download

Riedel Communications, leading manufacturer of intercom, fiber and audio network technology, has released the new firmware version for its audio network solution RockNet , which can be downloaded at

Version 1.40 enhances the workflow with RockNet especially in terms of port assignment. Now routing is not only possible in "quads", which means groups of four channels, but also in also in single channels and ports allowing a connection between any given I/O. In addition to the new routing feature, "Independent Gain" function is now available for any RockNet module. Previously this was only possible with Yamaha mixing consoles. Furthermore, phantom power can be controlled directly through the front panel of the RN.301.MI line/microphone input module.

To make installations more transparent, all modules now feature detailled informations about the connection state on their display. To expand the usability, the RockNet audio network can now be configured through ethernet and not only USB. Please note, that you need to update all the modules of a RockNet system – version 1.40 will not work in conjunction with older firmware versions.

The RockNet Firmware 1.40 is available for download in the RockNet download section at


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