Riedel Presents Acrobat Digital Wireless Intercom

Riedel Communications, pioneer of advanced digital intercom technology, presents its new Acrobat Digital Wireless Intercom series at Prolight+Sound 2009 in Frankfurt/Main. The Riedel Acrobat system is a full-duplex, wireless communications intercom, which takes a completely new approach, pushing it beyond the limits of existing wireless intercoms and allowing the operation of an unlimited number of wireless beltpacks.

“People basically just want to have a partyline beltpack without cables, allowing the same style and size of conferences that they’re used to. That’s what they’re really looking for,” said Thomas Riedel, Managing Director of Riedel Communications. The Acrobat system features both partyline and point-to-point communications, digital audio quality and no interference with radio microphones or IEMs.

Acrobat VoIP-over-DECT technology
Taking the Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) standard, with its license-free, cellular architecture with seam-less hand-over, as a starting point, Riedel developed several new technologies to implement its Acrobat VoIP-over-DECT platform. Riedel’s Enhanced Channel Agility (ECA) allows Acrobat to make use of the complete DECT frequency and channel spectrum by dynamically allocating calls to any free RX or TX time-slot. This innovative use of technology removes the previous limit to the number of beltpacks in a DECT-based system. In addition, the Enhanced Sync Automation (ESA) optimizes the system performance when used in environments with other DECT-based systems (e.g. telephones).

Acrobat Cell Controller / Acrobat Cell Antenna
The Acrobat system set-up is made up of one or more Acrobat Cell Controllers with up to 80 Acrobat Cell Antennas. The Cell Controller serves as the heart of any Acrobat Digital Wireless Intercom installation and handles the VoIP-over-DECT cell management. The 19”/2RU unit connects to any partyline or matrix intercom via eight analogue 4-wire ports and 12 GPIOs. For Riedel Artist digital matrix intercoms the device provides an intelligent connection via digital AES3 ports. The Acrobat Cell Antennas are connected to the Acrobat Cell Controller via Ethernet, allowing the use of existing standard cabling and providing a wide area between Cell Controller and Antennas. Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) simplifies the antenna installation by eliminating local power-supplies. The Acrobat Cell Antenna has a range of 275 meters under line-of-sight conditions or 75 meters indoors.

Acrobat Wireless Beltpack
The new Acrobat Wireless Beltpack is a light, compact, digital headset station with two individually configurable channels for intercom and IFB use. Operation is intuitive and follows the concept of Riedel’s Performer C3 Digital Partyline Beltpack. The beltpack features an OLED display, which by default shows the labels for both the talk-keys and two user-definable function keys. In addition, the display gives the user access to the intuitive configuration menu. The Acrobat BP-2 wireless beltpack has an XLR connector for the headset and an RJ45-port for firmware updates. A fully charged RB-2300 Rechargeable Battery allows 8 hours of operation. The rugged housing with rubber protectors includes the internal antenna.

info: www.riedel.net

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