Pio Nahum at Clay Paky

Seriate, January 13th, 2008 – Clay Paky is proud to announce that Pio Nahum has entered the company as Commercial and Marketing Manager.

Nahum brings his twenty-year experience in theatrical lighting, a sector in which he started his career with Clay Paky and, afterwards, as a renowned professional with multinational companies in Italy and abroad.

Pasquale Quadri, President of Clay Paky, espressed his satisfaction: “I am glad to be able to use Nahum’s experience, his contribution will help Clay Paky reach more and more important goals”.

Pio Nahum commented: “To work for Clay Paky is a great opportunity. I totally share its values: excellence, consistency and innovation. Clay Paky equipments are really the best in the market.

It will not be difficult to work inside this solid platform to build an even more positive future and I do my best to reach this objective”.

Pio Nahum has already started working in his new position.

info: www.claypaky.it

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