High frequencies
RCF newly designed “thick aluminum body” horns offer the best dissipation to neodymium compression drivers. When RCF pure titanium compression driver are assembled, all the horn becomes the surface of dissipation for the heat generated from the voice coil. The same coverage angle at all frequencies, compact size and strong, resonance free, mechanical structures for accurate voice and transparent sound. Designed for 90° rotation.

Low frequencies
3” voice coil woofers cannot handle the power, 4” voice coil woofers are too slow for two way systems… so RCF purposely invented ‘RCF 3.5” size’, high energy, mid-bass: best balance between low end capability and midrange clarity and control. All this in only 5 kilograms.

Power and control
The massive amount of class D power is driven from a very accurate analog input board: perfect linearity and audio quality, soft peak limiter, rms limiter, high pass and side coupling options. Premium sound quality at maximum output.

High quality detachable fly tracks fittings on both sides of the cabinet offer horizontal, vertical and coupled suspended orientations.

Main Features

– 1500 Watt switching amplifiers
– Wide, constant directivity, coverage angle
– High power neodymium transducers
– High quality analog input board
– Soft limiter and RMS protection
– Maximum output per size available on the market


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