All Robe lighting AT, DT and RED Series fixtures actively communicate RDM (Remote Device Management) protocol, the ESTA defined ANSI E1.20 world-wide standard, in addition to DMX.

Robe’s new DreamBox is a small multifunctional twin RDM/DMX interface linking computers running Robe’s RDM NET software – via USB2 – with the lighting rig.

The software will detect any manufacturer’s RDM talking fixtures on the rig, gathering their parameters, some of which can be changed, e.g. DMX Address, DMX Mode, Lamp hour count, Fixture Status, etc. Fixture parameters can be modified on single fixtures or groups of fixtures either before or during a show.

AutoPatch – fixture patching previously achieved by using the fixture menu screen is now a much simplified process whereby the rig is scanned for fixtures, the correct DMX addresses are applied and then uploaded to the fixture heads in a ‘one click’ operation.

New software updates can be uploaded to any Robe AT Series unit via the DreamBox.

It is ideal for prepping fixtures in the warehouse or pre-production before a show or a rental where set up time is extremely limited on site, and can also be used for resetting units to previously saved values on return from a project.

During a show, the DreamBox coupled with RDM NET enables the connected computer to act as a real-time monitoring/fixture status tool.

DreamBox can also be used with Robe’s Media Fusion software as a DMX IN device from any DMX console.

It is supplied in a rugged aluminium housing needing no external PSU, complete with the RDM NET software.

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