Robe & Anolis – the Perfect Cocktail

Robe moving lights and Anolis architectural LED fixtures have been installed into Cocktails & Dreams, an iconic club/pub venue in Surfer’s Paradise, Queensland, Australia.

The installation – carried out by JVG Sound, Lighting & Visual – is part of a lighting upgrade being undertaken at the popular nightclub. The fixtures were all supplied to JVG by Robe’s Australian distributor ULA, whose HQ is nearby on the Gold Coast.

The Cocktails & Dreams dancefloor has been completely revamped lighting wise, and now features 17 Robe ColorSpot 250E ATs, 2 ColorWash 250E ATs and 6 ColorSpot 170 ATs.

The venue was challenged for ceiling height, particularly over the raised dancefloor area explains JVG’s general manager Jade Golar, so he was looking for compact and neatly sized fixtures that would not take up much space or intrude. In terms of aesthetics, he also wanted to offer the club light jockeys a greater choice of colour and gobo effects than had been available in the past, and to generally give the whole lighting rig a more contemporary and NOW look and feel.

Golar has been specifying Robe for about 4 years, so there was no question about what brand he would choose. “The brightness of the AT Series is fantastic” he declares “And the 170s and 250s were really perfect for the application”.

He adds that he knows the Robe products really well, and that he receives great support from ULA. JVG is also a warranty repair agency for Robe, so keeps a good stock of spares – not that they are needed very often!

In addition to functioning as a busy club, Cocktails & Dreams also hosts model searches and corporate events, so the new rig also had to be ultra- flexible.

The dancefloor lighting is controlled by an E:cue system which was also supplied to JVG by ULA.

In the main seating booth and lounge area to the left of the dancefloor, Anolis ArcSource 3 LED downlighters have been installed to bathe the walls in light. Adding lighting has completely transformed this area, previously rather dark and cold, into a warm, inviting and intimate chill-out space.

Anolis ArcSource 6 warm white LED downlighters have been utilised in the DJ box. “They provide a very economic and practical solution that looks great” says Golar.

In addition to this, he specified Anolis ArcLine 24 LED strips to illuminate the spirit rack in the VIP bar. JVG were the first company in Australia to start using Anolis products in the club, pubs and bar sector.

All the Anolis fixtures are controlled via the E:cue and also triggered via Crestron touch screens located at each of the venue’s bars.

The new lighting installation has been a massive and instant hit with the 900 capacity club’s owners and guests alike, with news of the “great light-show” travelling fast around the area!

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