Archer Records Adds PMC IB2S-A

Archer Records, an independent record label located in Memphis, TN, has added a PMC 5.1-channel surround-sound system to its state-of-the-art recording and remix facility. “My label focuses on developing and promoting a limited roster of artists that create authentic and exciting music,” says studio owner Ward Archer. “Having auditioned a number of high-end monitoring systems during last October’s AES Convention in New York, I opted for a five-speaker IB2S-A and XB2 subwoofer system from PMC. They are perfect for my new room.”

Archer has added five IB2S-A cabinets powered by Bryson PowerPac 300 amplifiers for the left- and right-front, center and surround speakers, while an XB2 sub-bass cabinet completes the installation. Based on PMC’s hugely successful IB1S cabinets, the IB2S features the PMC 75 soft-dome mid-range unit that increases the definition and clarity to the level of larger monitors in the firm’s range, but with no increase in cabinet size.

Photo caption: Archer Records, an independent record label located in Memphis, TN, has added a quintet of PMC IB2S-A cabinets powered by Bryson PowerPac 300 amplifiers for 5.1-channel surround monitoring. An XB2 sub-bass cabinet completes the installation.

Archer Record’s control room measures 21×18 feet, with a central flat-panel LCD screen for film and video mixing projects. A 48-channel/108-input API Vision 5.1 Analog Mixing Console connects to a Digidesign ProTools HD Digital Audio Workstation and a Sony APR-124 analog 24-track recorder. A 19-by-26 foot tracking area with three companion iso booths also is available.

“I selected PMC monitors because I don’t like large, soffit-mounted speakers,” Archer confesses. “I much prefer large-format speakers mounted on stands closer to the mix position. Our new IB2S-As are really nice sounding monitors, and are a perfect size for the control room. They produce a punchy but faithful bottom-end, and the midrange is very detailed, which I consider essential for mixing. There is neither distortion nor coloration – these PMCs are very pleasant to listen to over long periods of time. They produce a wide sweet spot and are great to work with. All in all, this IB2S 5.1-channel system is very analytical – nothing gets by these speakers!”

“Since the launch of our IB2S,” states Maurice Patist, PMC USA’s VP Sales and Marketing, “the system has featured worldwide with high-profile clients such as Ronald Prent from Galaxy Studios, Kraftwerk at Kling Klang, Teldex in Berlin and JVC in Japan – the list goes on. The unit’s potent performance and unsurpassed definition across the audio spectrum make it the ideal reference monitor for any stereo or surround project.”

Ward Archer founded Memphis’ Cotton Row Recording Studios in 1978, and is a former trustee of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. He founded Archer Records in 2001, and currently serves as president for Beale Street Caravan, a live-produced, non-profit radio program broadcast on over 400 stations worldwide.

Primary IB2S Features
• PMC ATL(tm) (Advanced Transmission Line) with two sections.
• 27 mm Twin-Chamber fabric soft-dome HF with high performance ferrofluid cooling.
• PMC 75 mm soft-dome midrange.
• PMC 10-inch/250 mm carbon fiber & Nomex(tm) piston driver.
• Phenomenal bass response down to 25 Hz.
• Matching low profile center channel (IB1SM-C).
• Matching SB100 subwoofer to complete a surround system.
• Film filter option: HF Roll off 1.5 dB, 3 dB & Flat.
• Custom speaker stands for optimizing performance.
• Activation option with Bryston PowerPac 300(tm) (IB2S-A).

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