K-array in Paris at Star Academy Studios

For the 7th season of “STAR ACADEMY”, one of the biggest musical reality shows in Europe, SILENCE! has fitted the studio with K-Array systems.

2.30 Hrs of live music from a 15 piece rock band, 18 candidates singing with world-famous stars, an audience of 1800 in the studio, and several millions in front of the TV are the ingredients of a no-compromise live show on Europe largest private TV Channel, TF1.

The equipment provided and manned by SILENCE!, includes :
+ 60 x Sennheiser & Shure wireless systems (Handhelds, Lavaliers & Headsets)
+ 70 x Microphones (AKG, Audix, Beyer, BSS, Sennheiser, Schertler, Shure, Yamaha…)

4 x KH4 – satellite
8 x KS4 – subwoofer
6 x KH15 – satellite
1 x Yamaha M7CL (48 in / 16 out)
1 x Yamaha DM2000 (96 in / 12 out)

2 x Yamaha PM1D (Total of 180 inputs into 96 outputs)
20 x Sennheiser UHF Stereo Ear Monitors
20 x Hard-wired IEM (Shure, Presonus, Samson, Fischer…)
+ 30 x Wedges (APG, D&B, Outline, Silence

LE MOBILE SON : recording truck (SSL-Yamaha)

5 Sound-Engineers
5 Assistants
1 Wireless specialist


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