Robe MediaFusion

Media Fusion Software will run on numerous computers, ranging from inexpensive laptops to powerful servers. It plays many different video file formats, and processes them through a large number of effects. It can be used in several different show environments, e.g. live shows and concerts, TV productions, clubs and bars, theatres, shops, museums and retail, trade shows as well as for architectural lighting applications.

Main Functions

* Gives access to video loops and pictures – available through 256 banks of 256 visuals. The software can also use connected video inputs (e.g. live cameras) as a media source
* Entering text messages, used to customize Macromedia Flash files
* Setting up of the interface between computer and DMX lighting desk
* Setting up the characteristics of the video output, including using multiple
projectors with soft-edging or keystone correction
* Simultaneous playing of 8 layers media with optional effects
* Previews the active media and layers, and the final compositions
* Can be run from a laptop if the DMX console is not present

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