The Dogs Life with K-array

The Dogs Life, a benefit performance and a fund raising for the dog’s home in Follonica, Italy, took place in June at Acqua Village.

The show was directed by Vanessa Incontrada with the collaboration of Rossano Laurini of Acqua Village.

The following artists participated to the event: Vanessa Incontrada, Stefano Cocco Cantini, Nek, “Riparbelli” corps de ballet, Simone Leonardi, Silvia Querci, Di Blasio.

Technical data:
P.A.  4 x KH4,  4 x KS4,  1 x KO70, 2 x F6P XXL Inside,  4 x F8P XXL Inside.

The P.A. coverage included stalls with chairs covering 25X70 mt. And two side areas of about 20 mt. each.

* Audio and Lighting Service: MLI Service
* Photos: FIRST LINE photospace, Follonica

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