Robe at PLASA 2007

Brand new products include the Media Hub 5000 DT, the latest version software for the DigitalSpot 5000 DT, 3 new LED products from Robe’s LT range, using the K2 LEDs, Media Server Qube Control for the StageQube 324 and a new lighting controller – the DMX Control 2048.

Robe also shows its popular range of AT Series moving light products – including the ColorSpot and ColorWash 2500E AT, and from the 700 Series, the ColorSpot 700E AT, the ColorWash 700E AT and the ColorWash 750AT Tungsten.

New – Media Hub 5000 DT

The MediaHub 5000 DT completes Robe’s successful Digital ‘DT’ series.

This graphics engine provides all the features of the DigitalSpot 5000 DT (i.e. two digital gobo layers with selection of up to 244 x 255 video clips or images per layer; two independent effects channels on each gobo layer with 120 effects, individual X and Y positioning; CMY colour mixing; digital iris and digital framing shutters; adjustable playback speed, picture merging and many other features.) Supported video formats include MPG1 and MPG2 and image formats PNG, TGA, JPG and BMP.

Hardware includes an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 320 GB hard disc,1024MB memory, super-fast Leadtek WinFast PX 8800 GTX graphics card and an MSI 945 GM3 motherboard. Easy manual control is offered via a 5“ TFT LCD display and Robe’s intuitive navigation system.

The product is aimed at all professional entertainment and leisure applications including concert touring, presentations of all types and theatre and television productions.

New – DigitalSpot 5000DT

The latest version of DigitalSpot 5000DT includes Picture Merging effect in the field up to 8×8 segments, digital keystoning, a CMY colour mixing system + CTF colour correction filter effect, strobe effect, mechanical iris, zoom and focus, digital iris and digital framing shutters. Supported video formats include MPEG1 and 2, image formats PNG, TGA, JPG and BMP. S-Video and VGA inputs for direct video input to data projectors are handy for performing presentations; S-Video and Composite live video inputs can be used in combination with all the effects of graphic engine.

Media Server Qube Control

Full control of Robe’s StageQube 324 LED panels is provided via the new Media Fusion Qube Control software running on Robe’s Media Server Qube Control PC. Media Server Qube Control supports VGA-IN, S-video and Composite input in combination with all the effects of MediaFusion Qube Control Software on board.

The hardware specification includes an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, ASUS P5N32 motherboard,150 GB hard disc, ASUS V N7950GX2 graphics card and a 19“ LCD display.

The computer unit is fully flight cased for portability.

DMX Control 2048

This new controller is the largest yet in the Robe range, and comes complete with 3 DMX 512 outputs for the control of up to 1536 DMX channels or 48 fixtures of up to 32 channels each. A show can be created from up to 4752 scenes, consisting of presets and chases. The range of 1152 shows, presets and/or chases can be recorded into 32 pages. The design incorporates 48 Multi Function Quick access buttons, and flash memory allows software updates via CF card.

DMX Control 24CT & DMX Control 24Pro CT

These two controllers have been specially modified for full compatibility with Robe’s CT Club series.

The DMX Control 24CT features an inbuilt microphone and an audio input for direct triggered from music sources.

The DMX Control 24Pro CT offers fast access to any DMX controlled fixtures. It’s designed primarily for use with moving heads and scanners from Robe’s CT series.

AT Series

Brand new here is the ColorWash 2500E AT – the sister fixture of the ColorSpot 2500E AT and the most powerful Robe moving wash light to date. Featuring the Philips MSR GOLD 1200 FastFit lamp and a 1400W electronic ballast, ColorWash 2500E AT comes complete with CMY colour mixing system, variable CTO, 2 colour wheels and a combined dimmer/shutter unit. The linear zoom range is 7- 44 degrees. The fixture was designed specifically for large stages and concert halls, outdoor applications and anywhere a large light source is required.

The other most popular new fixtures from the AT Series – the ColorSpot 2500E AT, the ColorSpot 700E AT, ColorWash 700E AT and ColorWash 750AT Tungsten will also feature prominently on the stand.

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