First Robe DigitalSpots for Singapore

The first Robe DigitalSpot 5000 DTs in the territory have been supplied to leading Singapore lighting company CSP, who took delivery of four units immediately after the PALME Asia exhibition from Robe SEA.

CSP’s MD Kenny Heng says, “We’ve been closely watching the growing convergence between conventional and digital lighting, and the time is absolutely right for us to invest in this new technology and bring it to Singapore”.

CSP works extensively throughout Singapore, Malaysia and other south east Asian countries, traversing several market sectors including live events, TV productions, theatre shows and corporate and industrial presentations.

Photo caption (Left to Right): Jacky Chen, Lee Kiang Heng and Kenny Heng (all from CSP) with Josef Valchar (CEO, Robe Show Lighting), Harry von den Stemmen (International Sales Manager, Robe Show Lighting) and Louis Teo (Robe SEA).

Heng knows already that the highly versatile DigitalSpots will be very popular among LDs and DOPs on the myriad of TV shows that CSP provides with lighting production. He predicts that the same will ring true for their raft of corporate events and live shows, “LDs are already clamouring to get their hands on them” he says, adding that the purchase has caused a real stir on the island.

One of the DigitalSpot functions that clinched the deal for CSP was the new ‘Picture Merging’ facility. This enables up to 64 DigitalSpot images to be seamlessly merged into one large picture.

Having first bought Robe products three years ago (initially ColorSpot 1200 ATs soon after their launch) Heng was absolutely confident of factors like reliability with taking on the new fixtures, and he also knows there is excellent after-sales support from Robe SEA.

CSP was also keen to make the purchase as it is integral to the company’s mission to be right at the forefront of new technology. “These fixtures will offer up so many more creative avenues for designers, operators and programmers” he states, “It’s important for us to offer the best possible choice for our clients”.

The deal was cut by Robe SEA’s Louis Teo, who says, “CSP’s progressive attitude to technology and its relation to the market is really impressive and that’s a crucial factor in their success. It’s been a great pleasure to help them make this groundbreaking purchase”.

CSP’s Robe hire stock is the largest of any rental company in Singapore, and now includes 56 ColorSpot 1200E ATs and 16 ColorWash 1200E ATs …. Plus the new DigitalSpot 5000 DTs.

Recent CSP projects using Robe have included a tour of Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand with Korean superstars Rain Coming. They also have fixtures on semi permanent hire to number one Singaporean TV production company Mediacorp Studios.

It’s been a very hectic 12 months in Singapore for Robe, which has additionally seen the completion of major installation projects like the St James Power Station, a multi-venue destination site with over 200 fixtures across 5 live music venues.

The first CSP event utilising the new DigitalSpots was the an event for Singapore based United Overseas Bank (UOB), launching a new Visa card.

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