Robe at The Glade

Colour Sound Experiment supplied Robe moving lights to the main Glade Stage and the Vapour tent at the 2007 Glade Festival staged near Aldermaston in Berkshire.

Thousands of dance and electronic music fans braved the torrential rain, mud, flooding and truly abysmal weather conditions to attend one of the UK’s friendliest alternative ‘boutique’ festivals. The Glade is renowned for its good vibes and excellent line up of artists, and the party rocked on in grand style in spite of the adverse meteorology!

London-based Colour Sound has supplied the Glade since the event started four years ago, but this year was the first time they lit both main spaces – deciding to go with Robe in both. Twelve ColorSpot and 12 ColorWash 700E ATs – newly bought for the summer – featured on the Glade stage, with 6 ColorSpot and ColorWash 575E ATs in the Vapour Tent.

Colour Sound’s Jasper Johns and Kester McClure looked after lighting for the Glade Stage, producing a generic design with plenty of options and flexibility that would suit all the artists performing, some of which brought their own LDs.

The Glade Stage was covered by the festival’s own distinctive partly-open, white tented structure – specially designed for enjoying music and stage action in the sunny weather! Colour Sound rigged a ‘V’ shaped truss off the tent’s superstructure just in front of the stage area that fitted into the roof shape and maximised the height. The 12 ColorWash 700E ATs were attached to this and used for stage and audience washes and big beam and colour effects.

Further towards the back of the tent, two straight trusses over the stage onto which were rigged some ColorSpot 700E ATs, with the rest on the floor and two on T bars attached to the main central tent pole. Other lighting included strobes and ACLs, all of which was controlled from an Avolites Pearl Expert console.

Johns really likes the 700s, “They are incredibly reliable and packed with good features” he comments, adding that he’s also impressed with the general smoothness and movement, even at very slow speeds and also the competitive pricing of the unit.

Over in the Vapour Tent, looked after by Stuart “Woody” Wood and Toby Lovegrove, the CW 575E ATs were to the front of house truss and the ColorSpot 575E ATs to the rear truss. They and the other fixtures in there were run from an Avolites Diamond 4.

Colour Sound bought 50 Robe 700 Series fixtures to help service their incredibly busy 2007 summer season – which has seen them supply lighting production and crew for 36 festivals among other shows, tours and events. The company now has over 80 Robe moving heads in its inventory.

Last year, they invested in the Robe 575 Series which “did us proud” says Colour Sound’s founder Haydn Cruickshank, who went ahead and bought the new 700s as soon as they became available.

Robe’s robust build quality has certainly helped the units working in the adverse weather conditions this summer. Other Colour Sound festivals to feature Robe include Glastonbury (various Dance Village stages and The Glade), Gatecrasher in Leeds, Renaissance in Knebworth, the Southwark Festival, London, Global Gathering at Long Marston, Guildford’s ‘Guilfest’ … and many more.

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