K-array with Stefano Bollani at San Galgano Abbey

Last 25 July, in the magic atmosphere of San Galgano abbey in Tuscany, Stefano Bollani, the famous jazz pianist, held a great concert.

The particularly suggestive location required a constant coverage for the whole length of the hall, about 60 metres from the stage, for more than 1000 seats, with as low a visual impact as possible. The management decided to look for something new and “revolutionary” that could solve this problem. The choice was the new K-array system, and in particular the Kobra KK200 and KK50 models.

The configuration included 2 KK200 for the main PA supported by 2 KS4 subwoofers; 2 KK50 were used as delay lines at about 40 metres and a KM8 was used as stage monitor.

The result was perfect, the front-stage KK200 offered a linear and constant coverage, reaching easily over 30 metres, with the delay line completing the coverage.

The concert was a success, the great job of Roberto Lioli (sound engineer), the special location, an invisible but performing PA, and the wonderful performance of a world-class artist like Stefano Bollani, offered the public a night to remember.

F.o.H. Sound Engineer: Roberto Lioli

Event Management: Multipromo – www.festivalopera.it


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