International Sound Gets K-array

International Sound is an important audio and lighting service company, leader in Southern Italy for more than 10 years; the company owns equipment from the most prestigious brands in the sector, from JBL to D&B, Turbosound, L-Acoustic and many others; now the company has chosen K-array as new PA to include in its “fleet”.

The choice was based on the “analogue to digital” shift that is being implemented in the company, where important brands like Digico and Yamaha can be found.

The initial test was carried out “on the road”; in fact, the first system was delivered directly to a theatre where the installation for a show was taking place. The system proved up to the task, especially as far as power, user-friendliness and coverage coherence are concerned.

The system was, then, used in the following shows, giving the engineers the opportunity to test it with different genres, from theatre to ballet to rock.

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