Robe Looks Good On The Dancefloor

Robe moving lights took centre stage at the nail-biting final of “The Dancefloor 2007”, a freestyle dancing competition produced by Mediacorp Studios and broadcast live nationwide on Singapore’s Channel 5.

“The Dancefloor” is Singapore’s first televised dancing competition, aimed at finding new dancing talent, and has attracted intense interest and record ratings over its 3 month run. The 110 groups and couples initially auditioning were whittled down to 32 contestants who started the series. They were voted for by a combination of panel of judges and the public, ending up with the 5 finalists.

Lighting equipment for the series and the final was specified by Mediacorp Studios’ Head of Lighting Mr Lim Joo Liong. Lighting for the final was programmed and operated by Mr Loh Eng Keat with set designed by Fuji Quek. The Robe fixtures were supplied by leading Singapore rental company CSP Productions.

For obvious reasons, the set featured clean and clear lines with an open polished and highly reflective dancefloor at its core. For the final, this surface was used extensively for gobo projections, one of the show’s major effects that looked equally as good on camera as they did to the live audience. Lok, who used a WholeHog II console for control, particularly likes “The Robe gobos and the speed at which the fixtures react and move”.

Fourteen Robe ColorSpot 1200E ATs and 9 ColorWash 1200E ATs were utilised for the final, rigged in the roof above the stage and around its sides on the floor. The roof fixtures were all attached to individual hoists.

Lok needed fixtures that would give him the breadth and flexibility to make all the sets look completely different for the finalists, each of whom danced two pieces, so once again, “The 1200s were really ideal – I still had plenty of options and choices” he says. The contestants consisted of two couples (Melvin & Sharon and Pris & Vas), B-Boys the Fantastic Four, the 4-piece Soul Fusion and the 6 piece all girl Platinum – so he also had a real challenge in creating lighting to cover their different styles.

Robe fixtures are used on a whole range of Mediacorp produced shows explains Mr Lim, who likes them because of their “Reliability, excellent light output, good colours and selection of gobos – all very necessary features for TV”.

Suppliers CSP Productions are the biggest Robe rental houses in the country, and from their point of view, Robe’s reliability is “Paramount – we don’t want to spend time fixing lights – so they are proving perfect” says CSP’s Jacky Chen.

CSP’s lighting crew included Alan Lee, Ricky Soh and Yusoff Bin Latiff. The show’s Executive producer was Johnni Law, the supervising exec producer was Ramesh Kumar. The series was directed by Rahmat A Samad.

“Dancefloor 2007” winners were Vas & Pris, who’s energetic, fluid routines and great chemistry wowed the public vote, winning them the title and 50,000 Singaporean dollars.

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