Robe & Cosentino

Young international illusionist “Cosentino” fuses traditional magic and grand illusion into a unique, funky and highly entertaining performance that also involves lighting as a core element.

His recent Australian tour featured some additional magic in the form of Robe moving lights, specified by LD Stuart Sinclair of Melbourne-based Morning Glory Productions, who worked closely with lighting contractors Clear Systems from Melbourne on the tour.

Four Robe ColorWash 575AT Zoom fixtures and 4 ColorSpot 575 ATs (boosted to 8 for the live DVD shoot) were supplied by Clear Systems via Robe’s Australian distributors ULA to the tour. They also used two Robe Faze 1000 FT haze machines.

The ColorSpots were positioned upstage on the floor, with two Wash Zooms in each wing. The DVD shoot saw the extra four ColorSpots rigged upstage on the overhead rig.

Sinclair used the ColorWash 575AT Zooms to create side stage washes. With lots of mime and dance in the show, this technique is ideal for highlighting these movements. He also used them to illuminate specific props, as well as for maximising the reflections coming off the stage and bouncing the beams about in the haze, creating a colour mix that blended upwards into the rest of the LX rig.

The ColorSpot 575 ATs were used for static and moving looks in the air. Their colour wheels proved ideal for producing rich rainbow looks as well as dark and moody scenes. “The gobos look very pretty” says Sinclair “I used these and the house LX rig as a break-up effect and to help mask certain things. I also created water effects by using a combination of colour, two gobos and the prism”.

Sinclair was delighted with the performance of the Robe units. It was the first time he’d used them, specified after “Lots of good reports from colleagues”.
“They are powerful products that have amazed both the audiences and venue personnel alike” he continues, “They enabled us to get the crucial angles required with the light for such a tight show. The punchy ColorSpot 575 ATs are really enjoyable to use – they gave us a great mix of colour and movement onstage”.

Commenting on their reliability, he states, “All the Robe equipment proved really reliable and roadworthy. I’d recommend it to anyone”. He ran the show from a Hog 1000 console.

Robe’s versatile Faze 1000 FT haze machine features plenty of sophisticated features and new technology including an aluminum cast heater and an exceptionally quiet pump – making it perfect for the dramatic moments and silences of Cosentino’s show! It also contains a high precision PCB design and controllable twin fans.

Cosentino’s production is a dynamic mix of the unexpected, encompassing magic and illusions amalgamated with energised dance routines, provocative mime, audience participation, humour, proactive visuals and plenty of other surprising twists. It’s generally billed as “A quantum leap forward in the art of magic”.

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