K-array L.A.M.S. KM8 – Stage Monitor Revolution

The KM8 is an extremely powerful and compact monitor, but the real revolution is the use of the line-array philosophy in stage monitoring.

As a matter of fact, the KM8 allows the users to simultaneously use various monitors without incurring in phase related issues, as the horizontal diffusion can be managed mechanically, preserving signal coherence thanks to waveguide loaded drivers and the mechanics that include a quick mounting system and the possibility to set the sound field horizontal width.

Each monitor includes a high-efficiency 8″ woofer with 3″ coil and 2 waveguide-loaded drivers with 1.75″ coils that allow the unit to produce amazing SPLs with total directivity control.

The advantages of this new stage monitor are different: first of all, the possibility to use single elements to satisfy any needs, from small applications, with a single monitor for each musician, to the largest stages where more SPL and coverage are necessary, using more speakers to form an horizontal array.

These passive monitors are driven by dedicated amps equipped with DSP and remote control options, obviously compatible with all other K-array products.

In line with the K-array philosophy, a 65x120x70cm flight case can house up to 16 monitors.


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