K-array OVERBASS KO70: New Subwoofers

K-array amazes again, this time with a 2 x 21″ – 7000 watt RMS active subwoofer that will be officially presented at ProLight&Sound in Frankfurt.

Let’s have a look at the box, whose dimensions are in line with the traditional 2 x 18″ subwoofers, that is 114x59x85 cm, just as its weight of 78Kg.

The chassis offers 4 universal hooking points, front trolley with transport wheels protecting the grid. The unit can be used in different configurations, with both KH4 and KS4 , and of course, with the whole line of K-array products.

In particular, the configuration with KS4 subwoofers offers two extremely interesting applications: a 4-way PA guaranteeing superior quality, or a subwoofer with variable polarity, from omni-directional to super-cardioid. The unit offers high-end electronics, as the whole K-array range.

The KO70 includes 2 class D power amplifiers, auto range power supply, integrated DSP and remote control, which translates into an unparalleled versatility.

The company has included a presets bank that allows the users to choose different “use typologies”, from infrasub going lower than 25 Hertz for extreme applications, to the traditional subwoofer for Rock concerts, reaching 144dB di SPL.

The OVERBASS line includes:
KO30 2×18″ 3000 watt RMS active subwoofer
KO40 1×21″ 4000 watt RMS active subwoofer
KO70 2×21″ 7000 watt RMS active subwoofer

Info: www.k-array.com

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