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MA introduces products of Brother, Brother & Sons and Schnick-Schnack-Systems Inspired by the “merge” of the light and video worlds, MA presents some new products which are extremely useful for Theatres and Musicals, TV/studios, concert touring, corporate events and architectural lighting. Especially in combination with the MA media server, grandMA video, they offer powerful and innovative methods of resolution.

Precise movement for heavy weight projectors with the v-Base
Brother, Brother & Sons has developed the successful DMX512 controllable yoke range v-Base, which stands out with its high precision and heavy load carrying capability. Together with grandMA video the v-Base is the perfect solution for professional use over large distances. Another advanced feature is the optional available DMX output that reads out e.g. pan/tilt data from sensors. This data can be played back to the consol and then used to synchronize keystone corrections for movements.

Even illumination of Cycloramas with the EvenLED
The EvenLED modular system is a “wall” of high power 6 watt RGB LEDs spaced evenly behind a standard backprojection screen, this creates a totally even light field over the entire surface. Some of EvenLED’s strengths are in; its light weight, its silent operation, its low radiation of heat, its automatic addressing and its simple assembly. Each of the 16 pixels per panel, which measure 1 x 1 m, could be addressed individually.

LED-Paneel: video capable and very flexible
The LED-Paneel by Schnick-Schnick-Systems is a plug-and-play LED luminaire which measures 100 cm x 100 cm x 7 cm (width x height x depth) or 20 x 20 LEDs. It features some advantages in day to day use, especially when it comes to fast assembly and dismounting and freedom of scope. Multiple LED-Paneels could be easily combined to make larger surfaces. They can be controlled via DMX as well as Ethernet. By this it is possible to display video content on the panels, using them as design elements.

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