Powersoft at Pro Light + Sound 2007

Powersoft, pioneer and technology-leader in high-end digital audio amplification, is presenting a completely new and unique concept at Pro Light + Sound 2007 as well as two new additions to its highly successful K-series: the new K4 (2×2800 W / 2 ohm) and K 20 (2×9000 / 2 ohm) enlarge from both the bottom and the top the K-series family.

* Studio-grade internal DSP, remote-control functions, total-recall and power-setup capabilities define a new Powersoft concept: the amplification platform.
* The size of the show, the speaker system to be used, the venue size and the available electrical power are only a few of the variables to be confronted.
* The platform concept allow to take these factors into account and to quickly and safely create, store and recall presets, in order to tailor signal-processing, amplifier size, power consumption and so on, exactly to the individual speaker system, in a matter of few seconds.
* Users can easily upgrade their K-series amplifiers to more powerful models by “step-up cards” and equip it with digital networking boards compatible with most of the standards on the market.

For further information: www.powersoft-audio.com

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