Near Field K Array!

We all know that indoor venue acoustics are not the best, especially without the audience. Rehearsing a tour in such empty venues mustn’t be really enjoyable…

That’s why Maurizio Maggi, sound engineer for Elisa and a lot of other Italian artists, thought of using an alternative near field system; in particular, he chose a new “totally Italian” product: K-array.

The system was configured as follows: 2 KH15 (1500 watt active satellites) and 4 KS4 (dipole sub). The system was placed a few meters from the FoH mixing position. The result was mixing on a 10.000 watt HI-FI system, which allowed the sound engineer to work as best as he could in a “not so good” situation.

Many characteristics of the system have also been appreciated by Maurizio’s colleagues, especially by PA manager Orlando Ghini, who was stunned by the linearity of the system frequency response. The musicians were amazed by the pressure level and the “cleanliness” of the sound. Last but not least, the “heavy work men” very glad to be able to lift active loudspeakers weighing less than 40 kg!

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