New Website for K-Array

Another update for K-Array website.
A totally Flash-based site that does justice to such a revolutionary and surprising product.

Thanks to the animations, the photogallery and the freely downloadable PDFs, users can discover in a more effective and precise way the great technological research at the basis of this “Slim” P.A. made in Italy.

These amplified and processed loudspeakers feature an unconventional speaker, that allows an incredible reduction of weight and dimensions.
The thickness in particular is really small, as it can be compared with the thickness of a painting.
This is possible thatks to a particular disposition of cones and drivers, aimed at getting the largest radiant surface.

The advantages in setting up the system are obvious, but you won’t believe your ears,as K has also a really great sound.

For further information on this topic and to have a look at some of the possible uses of K-Array, please refer to their website

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