Robe Blinders on George Strait

Lighting designers Stacey LaBarbera and Paul Rogers used the new Robe LEDBlinder 196 and 148 LTs on the latest US leg of country music legend, George Strait’s 2006 tour.

Straight – with no less than 53 number one hits under his belt – more than any other living artist! – played 18 to 25,000 capacity sheds and arenas across the US and Canada in a new in-the-round production design. Onstage Systems from Dallas, Texas supplied all lighting, sound and video equipment.

LaBarbera was extremely pleased with the performance of the LEDBlinders, which were used over the stage as a wash effect. The LEDBlinder 196LTs (an 8-lite equivalent) were rigged in each of the four corners of the lighting rig, pointing downwards towards the band set up, which was in a circular format centre stage. The LEDBlinder 148LTs (the 4-lite version) were positioned up on the rig, lighting the four different microphone positions used by Strait throughout the performance.

In this set up, their square stage is positioned in the middle of each venue, and the mic positions are placed at the centre of each of the four ‘sides’/edges of the stage – with Strait alternating between them. With no conventional fixtures on the tour, the LEDBlinders provided an even and pure lightsource for the stage, allowing LaBarbera to keep the band lit without having to use moving lights on them.

“Everyone was really impressed with the fixtures” says LaBarbera “Their response time is excellent and the fade in and outs so smooth, you never noticed a change in colour”. He adds that they were very reliable and didn’t have a single problem on the whole tour.

Robe’s LEDBlinder is an LED version of the poplar and legendary 8-lite Molefey, a staple of the rock ‘n’ roll world, featuring 8 LED modules, each with 12 RGB LEDs. Each four pairs of modules are separately controllable.

The LEDBlinder 196LT and 148LT units are the brand’s first entertainment based LED products. Both these high-impact units are fitted into the industry-standard 8-lite and 4-lite casings, and offer lighting, set and scenic designers all the traditional options plus the numerous advantages of LED technology.

LEDBlinders are aimed at all stage lighting markets and television productions and also for arenas, multi-purpose spaces and larger venues. They are particularly relevant for environments were space is tight or heat is an issue as the units emit virtually none.

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