Robe Voted a winner on Vyvoleni

Slovakia’s leading television lighting designer Martin Kubanka specified Robe moving lights at the core of his design for the country’s latest Big Brother style series, Vyvoleni.

This second series was produced by independent TV channel JOJ, and recorded in Koliba Studios – the largest in Slovakia. Like the massively popular first series, it also utilised Robe ColorSpot 1200 ATs.

Vyvoleni quickly became the top rated TV show for its 3 month run, where 15 housemates including 4 couples vied for some serious money prize and the chance to become celebrities.

The TV action included twice daily ‘house visit’ shows, plus a weekly eviction show with an interactive and very enthusiastic live audience.

Kubanka is a big Robe fan and uses the luminaires regularly on most of his work which includes high profile shows like “Superstar” and large TV specials like Miss Universe Slovakia.

In the Vyvoleni studio, he utilised 16 Robe ColorSpot 1200 ATs along with a selection of traditional TV conventional lights. Rigged in the ceiling of the studio, a primary function of the 1200s was for assorted effects and key-lighting the presenter, guests and evicted housemates.

They were also used extensively as atmosphere builders, and for picking up the audience and catching their reaction throughout the live shows. They had custom Vyvoleni gobos made up which were beamed onto the set and studio floor.

In addition to these, Kubanka had 20 Robe Scan 575 XTs and 10 Robe Wash 575 XTs rigged in an exterior corridor running between the house and the studio. Ejected residents were illuminated with these as they traversed the tunnel to the studio.

Robe is currently Kubanka’s moving light of choice for a number of reasons – reliability and versatility being top of the list, along with functionality.

All lighting, rigging and trussing for Vyvoleni was supplied by leading lighting rental company Q-99, who have a large stock of Robe, and service most of the major concerts, shows, events and TV productions in Slovakia.

From the rental company angle Q-99s Marek Adamik adds that the general robustness of Robe products is a real asset for any proactive rental house. On Vyvoleni, the fixtures lighting the corridor had had to contend with all sorts of weather extremities throughout this series and the previous one – from snow frost and bitter coldness to rain and humidity – and there’s not been a single break down so far!

As well as using them for a host of effects around the studio, Kubanka also set the Robe’s up in a ‘fail-safe’ mode. They and some soft lights were all running on UPS, so in the event of a lighting power failure during transmission, the Robe’s were programmed for the colour temperature filters to drop in and the lights to automatically point to the moderator/presenter, so there would be no discernable loss of lighting to viewers.

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