Robe launches 3 new Club Range products

Robe Show Lighting launches three new products in its Club Series – the ClubSpot 300CT, the ClubWash 300CT and the Euphoria effects projector – reflecting its growing popularity and impact in this sector.

The fixtures are all packed with functionality and features in true Robe style, and are engineered to withstand the tough and demanding environment of clubs, bars, restaurants and venues of all types.

ClubSpot 300CT

ClubSpot 300CT is based on Robe’s popular Spot 250XT and comes complete with 250W discharge lamp, remotely controlled motorized focus and standard beam apertures of 15 degrees – with options on 12 and 18 degree lenses.

The colour wheel offers 11 dichroic filters, and the gobo wheel offers 6 interchangeable/indexable rotating gobos plus open, with both wheels able to rotate continuously in both directions. Rotating gobos can be turned 360 degrees and the adjusted position memorised. The unit’s multi-colour glass gobos are made from high temperature borofloat glass.

The optics feature a high luminous-efficiency parabolic mirror and double condenser system, and all lenses are anti-reflector coated to maximize brightness and clarity.

The ClubSpot 300CT has a very effective strobe function with up to 10 flashes a second, and is pre-programmed with a selection of variable and random strobe and dimmer- pulse effects.

There’s also a three facet prism, rotatable in both directions and at variable speeds, and a macro function for combined rotating gobo and prism effects.

ClubWash 300CT

This is Robe’s second Club Series wash moving head. It uses a 250W discharge lamp lightsource and features a high luminous parabolic reflector, CMY colour mixing, a colour wheel with 6 dichroic filters and open, very smooth dimmer and near-silent cooling fans.

Because of the silent fans, this fixture is also ideal for other types of small to medium installations (e.g. studio theatres, conference/seminar rooms) where noise is an issue.

The fresnel lens has a diameter of 150 mm, the dimmer is exceptionally smooth and a manually adjusted zoom travels from 8 to 22 degrees.

The ClubWash 300CT’s colour wheel continuously rotates in both directions (for stunning rainbow effects), and onboard beam effects include a beam shaper and a frost filter for diffusion. There’s also a strobe effect.

A 4-digit LED display control panel on the fixtures base enables the addressing of special functions, calibration and gathering of feedback information including lamp usage, DMX values, temperature, etc,.

The Euphoria

This is a totally new addition to Robe’s dynamic and growing Club & Bar range, specially designed for club, bar and small-to-medium sized event applications.

It includes a rotating triangular mirror mirror, prism for special visual effects, 9 static gobos with continual positioning and variable speed strobe effects (up to 4 flashes a second) with audio trigger, plus the popular ‘gobo shake’ effect.

The unit has manual focus and two triangular mirrors – one rotating and one static. Two high quality microprocessor controlled stepper motors ensure smooth movement.

The Euphoria’s expedient dimensions and light weight of just 7.5 Kg mean it can be fitted into even the tightest spaces, offering a cost effective solution for producing a wide range of effects.

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