Martin RGB Laser 1.6 – Laser Made Easy

Responding to the recent surge in laser popularity, Martin Professional has applied its standards of reliability, output, performance and ease-of-use to a new, unique and hassle-free laser – the Martin RGB Laser 1.6. Martin innovation combines with a spectrum of colors in a compact unit that revives the eighties obsession with laser effects.

The Martin RGB Laser 1.6 is a Class 4 white light laser with balanced cool white and comes in an extremely compact housing – unique for a laser with such power and speed. With simple plug-and-play operations, hundreds of pre-installed effects, and a cooling system that eliminates the need for expensive and bulky water cooling, the RGB Laser 1.6 is all about performance made easy. Take it on the road, decorate and revitalize outdoor structures and buildings for events and promotions, or utilize its unique effect in permanent installations, the RGB Laser 1.6 is as versatile as it is powerful.

Unconditional Colors
Slightly larger than an average DVD player, yet able to take the knocks and blows of touring without misaligning, the RGBL 1.6 is capable of extremely deep saturated colors – especially an intense blue (442 nm), which allows the creation of true and pure white like no other laser in its class.

Graphics Master
Smooth advanced graphics are achievable through tremendously fast and accurate galvos which can pass through an amazing 40000 positions a second. These graphical possibilities are enhanced through the narrowness of the actual beam (<3.5 mm), which gives more flexibility when choosing imagery or in long distance projections.

An onboard show playback system features 432 available cues and downloading and upgrading images and graphics to the internal flash card is simple to achieve through the USB 2.0 PC interface. Real-time effect programming, editing and viewing is possible through the included software, which is extremely easy to use and beneficial for speedy setups and shows on the fly.

DMX Controllable
The unit can be controlled with any standard DMX controller using 5-pin XLR connectors. The fixture also uses the signal-input SubD25:ILDA, which is a worldwide standard.

Dust-free sealed optics means that pollution – such as fog or haze residue – cannot penetrate the fixture, keeping service to a minimum. Life on the road couldn’t be easier with a robust yet lightweight and compact design that won’t crowd your truss. And unlike other lasers on the market, the RGBL 1.6 will not misalign with every bump or shake.

Long life
The RGBL 1.6 has a prolonged lifespan that stretches far beyond the competition. With over 10000 hrs of operation ­ nearly double any other fixture on the market ­ the RGBL offers a truly healthy return on investment. For added assurance, the fixture is protected by a 2 year or 3000 hour warranty.

As with all Martin products, safety has been given top priority. Fail-safe systems prevent emission of a single-point beam, eliminating potential hazards. As a Class 4 laser, the RGBL 1.6 may only be operated by a trained professional (Laser Safety Officer).

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