Robe launches ColorSpot 2500E AT

The latest product launch from Robe Show Lighting is the feature-packed ColorSpot 2500E AT – Robe’s most powerful moving light fixture to date.

Applications will include large venues, concerts and stadiums, outdoor shows, corporate and special events, and anywhere a versatile big output lightsource is required, including for searchlight effects.

As with all Robe moving lights, reliability is a key factor, the fixture is extremely robustly constructed – featuring a new handle design – and well engineered. It’s designed to withstand both the rigors of the road and the challenges of different weather and operating conditions.

The CS 2500E AT’s lightsource is a MSR Gold 1200 SA/SE FastFit lamp with an 1400W electronic ballast.

The optical system consists of a high luminous efficiency parabolic glass reflector, focus lens and multi-step zoom lens with a 10 – 30 degrees beam angle. All lenses are anti reflection coated.

Together these elements ensure the ColorSpot 2500E AT has an exceptionally high brightness, high-performance output.

The CMY colour mixing system is ultra-smooth. There’s 63 colour macros for creating a preset palette of colour tones, which simplify getting the desired colour by using a single control channel as opposed to mixing the three CMY control channels. A colour correction filter lowers the temperature from 5600 to 3200 degrees K – ideal for film and TV work.

The unit’s colour wheel has four dichroic filters, an UV filter, a 6000K filter and white, and rotates at variable speeds in both directions There’s an option for random colour selection via audio input or for straightforward ‘auto random’ colour selection.

Two gobo wheels offer maximum flexibility and versatility.

The first one offers 6 replaceable dichroic glass gobos plus an open position, and rotates in both directions at different speeds. The indexing and gobo rotation is extremely precise and continuous rotation is also possible, as are ‘shaking’ gobo effects. Random gobo selection by audio trigger is also another option.

The second gobo wheel also features 6 gobos, with 1 glass and 5 dichroic glass gobos plus an open position, and all the same features and functionality of the first wheel.

The fixture also contains an effects wheel for yet more creative possibilities. This includes 3-faceted and 5-faceted prisms and 2 glass effects – all of which rotate in both directions at different speeds.

A 1 – 15 FPS variable speed strobe effect is available, and can be activated through pre-programmed macros with variable random pulse effects.

There’s also an independent frost effect for fine frosting.

The 10-30 degree focus/zoom facility is remotely controlled – offering very dynamic and useful effects in it’s own right. The ColorSpot 2500E AT’s Iris is motorised and adjusts seamlessly to give an infinite variety of different beam widths.

The unit benefits from ultra-smooth micro-step driven dimming, and it’s 17 high-grade stepper motors are microprocessor controlled for maximum accuracy.

An Ethernet port enables operation with Art-Net communications protocol.

The control panel on the base of the unit features a practical easy-to-read graphic LCD display and two control buttons for the control wheel – also known as the ROBE Navigation System (RNS). Useful feedback information includes lamp use, age, the DMX values being received, temperatures, etc., and there’s an inbuilt analyzer for easy fault identification and error messages.

The lamp can be remotely ignited or extinguished by DMX, and the unit also has several other very useful functions onboard, like demo sequences, stand-alone operation, manual control, programming and many other ‘behavioral’ options for the unit.

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