Robe at 2006 Australian International Motor Show

Robe ColorWash and ColorSpot 1200 AT moving lights were used to light the Mercedes, Holden, Ford and Dodge-Chrysler, Smart Car, Nissan, Honda and Hyundai stands and displays at the 2006 Australian International Motor Show.

The Motor Show – a flagship event for the automobile industry – toured from February to April, visiting all Australia’s major cities. It showcased the latest in automotive design and technology including futuristic prototypes and concept vehicles, and hosted an array of exciting demonstrations and entertainment venues.

Robe’s Australian distributor Universal Lighting & Audio (ULA) worked closely with the country’s leading production company, Clifton Productions in producing technical and creative solutions for all of the booths.

In February, Clifton underwent massive expansion with the purchase of 100 Robe AT series luminaires – the most significant lighting purchase by any Australian lighting production of late – enabling them to service the high profile Motor Show tour.

The Robe brand dominated the show as the most prolifically used intelligent lightsource, due to the incredible flexibility of the range and the advanced features available on all types of fixture.

Robe were the main products used on all booths, with each manufacturer staging an imaginative collage of light and sound to magically engulf both vehicles and the audience. The shows were individually designed by Clifton Productions with each vehicle manufacturer.

The Holden stand used twenty one ColorSpot 1200ATs specifically to highlight the cars and to project break-up gobos onto the bulkhead above the stand. They also utilised eight ColorWash 1200ATs to create spectacular colour washes across the entire stand.

On Dodge-Chrysler, the various ColorSpot 1200ATs were positioned all around the booth on overhead trusses, ground support and the floor, projecting custom gobos onto the vehicles, ground and banners above. The fixtures were set to ‘demonstration’ mode and conducted pre-programmed movements, eliminating the need for a lighting console.

Meanwhile, luxury brand Mercedes used ten ColorWash 1200ATs for the launch sequence of their new M Series four wheel drive (4WD). The splashes of colour reflecting and bouncing off the sleek, streamlined silver vehicles emphasised their high prestige value.

Over on the Nissan booth, Robe ColorSpot 575ATs with custom Nissan gobos projected randomly onto the vehicles and all the graphics displays. Nissan also utilised ColorWash and ColorSpot 575 ATs for the press launch of their new models. The full range of Nissan vehicles including the all-new TIIDA and the powerful new 2006 Navara were unveiled to the world, and the unique and desirable NISMO 350Z concept model was also on show – naturally all lit with Robe fixtures.

Multi-national giant Ford used ROBE ColorSpot 1200ATs to highlight its new Ford range. This year a self illuminating wall was used as the backdrop for the booth, enabling the lighting to be focussed directly onto the products themselves rather than on any banners.

The Smart Car range burst into life with foliage gobos projected from ColorSpot 1200AT units on their eco-friendly booth which highlighted the low emission factor of their products. Smart Car also incorporated ColorWash 1200 ATs in the launch of the new Smart Car Zero.

Hyundai used custom gobos, this time in ColorSpot 575 AT units, projecting logos and gimmicky car shapes throughout the entire booth. The unusual ‘dance’ of flickering colours and shapes created with the ColorSpots ensured that Hyundai’s booth was eye-catching and memorable.

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