Space Ibiza

Simply put, Space Ibiza is an icon club. It is one of clubbing’s most revered locations and a world reference for the club industry. Voted “World’s Best Club” at the Miami Winter Music Conference two years running, as well as Dance Music Awards “Best Club,” no clubber’s visit to the White Isle would be complete without at least one Space session. Space Ibiza also operates two franchise clubs.

Space Ibiza attracts an international crowd during its 4 month summer season (2006 opening is slated for June 4th). Located just 100 meters from the beach – with day and night sessions – Space Ibiza maintains the highest standards in entertainment gear including Martin lighting.

The club does not maintain a main LD. Instead, lighting design is a collaborative effort between managers, the owner, Pepe Roselló, and three technicians; Juan Monerris, Juan Gomez and Oscar Colorado, the last two also resident DJs. “We all work together to keep the spirit of this magical place,” says Pedro Comesaña, Production Manager at Space. “Everybody is happy with the last decision”.

Main terrace

Space features 5 rooms in total, 3 of them terraces. On the main terrace, opened last summer, are 8 MAC 2000 Washes, 80 par 56 cans and a total of 450 LED units (AVR and Mood Light).

“We wanted to keep the look of the terrace as an open space, that’s why more than half of the walls are windows, so you can see outside,” comments Pedro. “A standard rig was not good because we wanted to play with color, to make the internal architecture a part of the lighting, and the MAC 2000 is the best to get changing colors across the room. They are really bright, lovely colors, powerful and quiet.”

The main terrace MACs and par cans are controlled by a Pearl 2000 with all LED handled by a Martin PC-based LightJockey. Pedro comments, “The reason why we have two controllers is because we want to keep the LED separate from the dancefloor lights. While we use Pearl for the MACs and par cans we use the LightJockey to operate the architectural lighting. Every bar and wall is surrounded with LED washes and managers want to be able to turn on the computer and choose with the mouse which bar, color and intensity they want. They love it because it’s simple to use and we can create a lot of different effects across the room with a single click.”

The two additional terraces are for daytime use “so, sorry, there are no lights,” says Pedro. “Instead we’ve got thousands of beautiful people dancing… in bikinis!”

Main room

“The idea in the main room is to create a big stage full of different effects, making the DJ the main point of the room,” Pedro explains. “Basically it is the opposite idea of the main terrace.”

Here are 6 MAC 250 Krypton, 6 MX-10 scanners, 4 RoboScan Pro 918, 8 MAC 600 washlights, 8 MAC 500 profile spots, 4 MAC 550 profiles, and 4 Atomic 3000 strobes with color scrollers, along with 12 Coemar PRO LX, 2 City Colors, 40 par 64’s and a massive spider net on the ceiling with 300 lamps and 100 small strobes, all controlled via a Pearl 2004. The club also splashes effects from Martin Mania effect lights. A huge video system includes 3D cubes, 3D spheres, 3 lasers (one 5W full color) and 7 custom made screens. A Funktion One speaker system handles the audio.

Quality as standard

Because Space operates two sessions – day and night – for four consecutive months, maintenance is almost impossible, says Pedro. “We need very reliable units and bright enough that when they get dirty they are still bright. Various press people are here every day and we need to keep the quality standards. We like that Martin has become a large international company but that you still keep close to people; you are very close to your clients and you care, and getting spares is as easy as going to the next shop.” Space Ibiza’s local dealer is Ecler, Martin’s Spanish representative, with Halo lighting of the UK also providing support.

“People come here from all around the world and Martin has become a standard symbol in the lighting industry. When you talk about lighting everybody knows Martin, so it’s easier for everybody to understand.”

Pedro concludes, “Ibiza is the best place for clubbing in the world. We don’t have a VIP area because here we think we are all equal under the effects of lights and music. Every year we build something new so that when we open the doors in June it’s always different. Everybody is waiting to see what’s new at Space!”

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