Robe Launches new ColorWash 575AT Zoom

Robe’s new ColorWash 575AT Zoom has all the features of the popular ColorWash 575AT with the additional enhancement of a very smooth motorised linear zoom, ranging from 8 to 50 degrees with a fresnel lens fitted as standard.

Optional wide-angle lenses provide wider beam spreads of 80° through 87° – which are particularly useful for TV and theatrical environments.

The fixture is suitable for all professional lighting applications – concert touring, festivals, theatre and TV production, conferences, corporate events, plus venues and installations of all types.

It comes with Robe’s traditional good engineering and robust build qualities. The lightsource is a compact high pressure MSR 575/2 lamp, and super-efficient optics ensure the brightness exceeds the standard for a 575 luminaire.

The ColorWash 575AT Zoom is DMX controlled and uses 16, 18, 19 or 21 channels depending on the selection of a choice of 4 DMX protocol modes. This means it can be used with the widest possible variety of DMX controllers including those limited to less than 16 control channels.

There’s a clear LED display on the base of the unit – useful for diagnostics – and it has inbuilt demo sequences plus a built in analyser for easy fault detection. The pan/tilt resolution is 16 bit and the zoom, dimmer, colour wheel positioning and indexing can be either 8 or 16 bit. Sixteen bit resolution enables the very smooth movement of effects like zoom, dimmer, colour wheel, etc., in various console softwares. ColorWash 575AT Zoom also features a master/slave and stand-alone operations.

There’s a CMY colour mixing system, a variable CTO filter and also a colour wheel containing 5 replaceable ‘slot-and-lock’ colours and open – ideal for colour correction.

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