Riedel at Torino 2006

Efficient communications were key to produce the smoothly run and well-coordinated operations at the 2006 Winter Games in Torino. So when it came time to select a radio and intercom vendor, Riedel Communications topped the list of candidates. The German-based manufacturer and rental company supplied the entire complement of radio equipment as well as all the venue intercoms for TOROC – the organization committee. In addition, Riedel, facilitated all radio traffic for Torino Olympic Broadcasting (TOBO), the host broadcaster, and ensured the opening and closing ceremonies played to perfection via its Artist digital intercom.

On behalf of TOROC, Riedel developed an integrated radio and intercom concept capable of accommodating both sports and organization-related communications, and powerful enough to cover the local needs at the 14 venues and guarantee optimal cross-linking of all event locations. Riedel used approximately 7,000 digital TETRA radios including accessories for the radio coverage of all competition and non-competition venues. In Torino 40 Riedel engineers ensured the trouble free operational sequence of the contests and ceremonies.

Integrated Communication System for Venue Intercom.
For communication at the individual sports venues Riedel fabricated an integrated infrastructure consisting of digital intercom matrix systems, digital party-line systems and professional radios. At the heart of the installations were 14 Artist 64 digital intercom matrix systems, which tied the entire configuration together. Referees, time keepers and assistants communicated mainly over 30 digital Performer party-line systems with more than 400 digital beltpacks. 30 RiFace radio interfaces provided for the connection of wireless and wired communication technologies.

Opening and Closing Ceremonies with Support from Germany
K2006, the agency responsible for the opening and closing ceremonies, also chose Riedel’s radio and intercom solutions to achieve maximum interaction between all participants. Five Artist digital intercom matrices, which were connected over a dual redundant fiber ring to form one large non-blocking matrix, comprised the core of the system. “The decentralized system architecture of our Artist intercom matrix reduced the expenditure of the wiring substantially, said Marc Schneider, Director of the International Games department at Riedel. “Many requirements, which occurred last minute at the event, would not have been possible with any other system.”

12 digital Performer party-line systems with over 100 digital Performer Beltpacks as well as 23 RiFace radio interfaces completed the system. For directing the thousands of in-field actors Riedel used a FM transmitter system and a 24-channel stage management duplex system. Using 1000 in-ear systems and 1500 FM receivers ensured a permanent communication channel from the director to the actors and enabled the complicated choreographies to be optimally directed.

Host broadcaster TOBO relied on Riedel technology
A Riedel radio installation accomplished all of TOBO’s – the Host broadcaster’s – radio communications. TOBO supplied the international feed to all TV stations world-wide. The installation was based on 44 RiFace radio interfaces/repeaters and over 500 Motorola radios including extensive accessories. Additionally, the German rental company transmitted video and audio feeds from the field of play to the TV compound with 29 Telecast fiber systems. More than three billion television screens world-wide received programming of the matches and meetings.

Comprehensive know-how with large-scale events
Riedel Communications has been developing and delivering radio and intercom solutions for large-scale events for nineteen years. The Company’s remarkable tradition reaches from the 1994 Winter Games in Lillehammer to the 2004 Summer Games in Athens. “Thanks to our wide range of experiences we are able to provide communications solutions which meet any demands of large-scale event organizers,” said Thomas Riedel, Managing Director of Riedel Communications. “Apart from quality and know-how we are also accomplished in terms of quantity. As one of the largest rental companies for radio and intercom technology world-wide we also have the necessary inventory to equip events of this size.” Riedel delivered eight containers with approximately 30 tons of communication equipment to the Winter Games which remain in a class by themselves regarding quantities and logistics.

About Riedel
Riedel – one of the major suppliers of communications equipment to the 2006 Olympic Winter Games in Torino – designs, manufactures and distributes the most sophisticated intercom and radio technology for customers worldwide in the broadcast, pro-audio, event, sports and theatre industries. The products reflect today’s leading-edge technologies that expand conventional concepts into tomorrow’s applications. The Riedel group of companies also includes a European based large rental operation that provides radio, intercom services, event accreditation & ticketing systems as well as fibre-based audio and video transmission systems. The Company was founded in 1987 and today employs over 100 people located within 6 locations in Asia, Europe and North America.


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