K-array at Viareggio Carnival 2006

The event took place in front of the huge audience of Viareggio carnival (about 20,000 people); the satellite photograph shows the whole covered area.

We noticed the “’usual’ expressions of the professionals who had doubts about the PA system “…are we sure?”, “…you should consider the noise made by fireworks!”, “…the audience should be able to hear the music!”, etc. etc.
These voices faded away after the first test. A simple check of the position of the subwoofers was the only operation performed. Besides, the subwoofers were on the stage and could not benefit of the typical “round” effect; everything worked smoothly.

The sound pressure level was enough to make it difficult to talk even behind the stairs at the back of the audience.

As far as lateral coverage is concerned, David Bargagna of MLI had prepared two towers to set some clusters to cover the lateral streets….but they remained on the truck!

The show was very satisfying for everyone, the audience and the professionals, the music was not disturbed by the “botti” (that is, “booms”), as we call the fireworks in Tuscany.

The service company disassembled everything in just 30 minutes, under a very annoying rain.

Equipment used by MLI service:

4 x KH4 active hi-mid 4000w
8 x KS4 active subwoofer 4000w
1 x Yamaha d-1000 console
1 x CD player
1 x link to control software to synchronize fireworks and music

N° 2 people to set the PA system.
Rigging time = 30 min.
Disassembling time =30 min.

This is another field test that demonstrates that K-array may be the answer to many of the “historical” problems of this job, such as transport, weight of the equipment, etc.

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