Martin at Torino 2006 Winter Olympic Games

For the last two weeks of February the eyes of the world were fixed on Torino, Italy for the XX Winter Olympic Games. Focus was particularly intense on Stadio Olympico for the lighting extravaganza that was the Opening and Closing Ceremonies.

Lighting designer Durham Marenghi worked for several months to create the spectacular lighting for the events. Lighting fixtures included a mixture of manufacturers but Durham turned to an Olympic veteran, the MAC 2000 Wash, to support the large-scale, highly dynamic choreography.

“The MAC 2000 Washes were the main wash lights for the performance forestage and were chosen for their very bright zoomed down optics, giving us the ability to throw a controlled light beam up to 100 meters at their targets,” commented Durham. “Dressed in their RainMACs they were just the tool for a very cold and wet event.” The majority of the Martin fixtures were supplied through Italian rental company Agora Lighting and Sound.

This was in fact the second Olympic Games for the MAC 2000 Wash. At the 2004 Athens Summer Olympic Games the MAC 2000 Wash was the main washlight fixture used for the Opening Ceremony and was also an integral part of the closing festivities.

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