Outline “Globe Source Radiator” (GSR)

The Italian manufacturer Outline snc, a Sustaining Member of the Audio Engineering Society, announces the release of the “Globe Source Radiator” (GSR), an innovative omnidirectional loudspeaker for acoustical measurements.

A companion matching 4-channel 500-watt/channel power amplifier with built-in noise source and wireless remote control is also available. The nominal sound power level is 125 dB with this miniaturized matching Outline power amplifier and has less than 0.3 dB power compression, but the source can deliver up to 130 dB with more powerful power amplifier with the same power compression.

The GSR and Outline miniaturized power amplifier can be configured to power selected drivers to obtain different radiation patterns, useful for approximating musical instrument sources. An optional powered subwoofer extends the response to 40 Hz.

The GSR conforms to ISO 3382, ISO 140-3, ISO 140-4, ISO 354, and ASTM E336. The warranty is two (2) years parts and labor. Pricing is available for 3 standard configurations:

Basic System (user provides power amplifier), Upgrade System (includes Outline power amplifier, noise source, and radio remote control), and Full-Range System (full Outline system with subwoofer).

For further information: www.outline.it/Globe-Source.htm

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